Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/7/17

Dragon Falls, an exercise in worldbuilding

Starting a new series on this site, Worldbuilding Wednesday, a selection of randomly generated people, places, things, and concepts suitable for incorporating into fantasy — or any speculative — fiction, courtesy of my continued experimentation with Gammadyne’s excellent Random Word Generator. All are free for any writer to use; I have no claim on them. I’ll be posting on the ins and outs of using this generator in a later post.

Why post lists of names? Many writers do, in fact, have a problem coming up with good names.  If there’s one thing I hate in fantasy writing, it’s names that rely on bland syllables (Galarna, Tokul, Katana) names that are too evocative of this world (George R. R. Martin, I’m looking at you, with Ned and Jon) and unpronounceable or badly hyphenated names (Pam-Ella, Dr’zit.)  I’ve admired Jack Vance and Ursula K. LeGuin for creating unforgettable names, as well as British writers of fantasy like Tanith Lee and Storm Constantine. A good name can even create a character. Think about Lady Lazulvine of the Worm: do you see a villanous sorceress? Or perhaps an older practitioner of dark magic? And an inn called The Reckless Raven must surely host all kinds of unsavory characters.

This weeks’ selections are a mashup of Vanceian (again, that aforementioned Jack Vance), French, British English, Swedish, and German, in a pseudo-European polyglot.


Random Names

Female names

Duchess Vyrgilla Lyrestone

Joiwynn Leerdawn

Jolette Deepspoon

Jularva Wineshore

Lady Lazulvine of the Worm

Queen Lyrilene

Ravenia Snipcup, AKA The Luscious Minstrel

Lady Shylla The Mournful




Sanshudra Sodcold


Male Names

Rolarch Witswallow

Sir Ghilius, Knight of the Somber Glaive

Sir Hyverys of The Boar

Sir Jingill of The Lusty Eye

Trinopher Podgrace

Ferschin Vanerock

Finnwen Damchick

Jarad Liegerend

Kalián Lovberry

Fayport the Unctuous

Mzarbar the Barbarian

Sir Jafflo of the Pure Wyvern


Local Color (People, Places, Things)

Ozder, the Angel Of Glory

Orsinfield Keep

Dallesong Palace

Fort Forancy

The Falkenmoss Kings

Folio of Displacement

Grand Duchy Of Svorotufte

Hessenborn Canyon

Brandraith Keep


Inns: The Corpulent Stag, The Reckless Raven, The Blue Weasel, The Four Fingers Inn

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