Immigration and Easter Animals

bunnies for immigration

As a writer of the profane and fantastic (erotica, horror, fantasy, science fiction) I often take inspiration from the world around me and from the amazing city I live in. But there is no way I can turn the following news into a story, because it’s just so indicative of the current regime’s vile policies.

I was at my local Fred Meyer store the other day when I observed an elderly woman in a motorized wheelchair picking out some small stuffed Easter bunnies and whatnot and putting them into her basket. She dropped a few, and I went over to pick them up. We started talking. She told me she was buying them for the kids of Mexican immigrants in the church she goes to. I said, How thoughtful of you. She then went on to say the parents were deliberately keeping their kids from public school, because they were afraid the officials there might turn them in and they would get deported (!) She said she hoped the animals would cheer them up.

I cannot unhear this. This is too horrible. People, the immigrants here have a right to go to school. Their parents, by the act of working here, support the economy of this country. In the act of living here and working, they are paying rent to American landlords, paying tax to local economies, and buying from American stores. Not just little things like Slurpees and hamburgers, but big ticket items like computers and cars. How anyone can not realize this, I don’t know.

Anyway, I can only hope the little ones eventually can get back to school.

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