Story – Sex Object

Years ago, when I first started posting my writing on the websites and various fetish archives, my stories were described as having a theme of “beautiful women being turned into statues.” I am sad, or happy, to say I am still at it, but getting paid for it this time.

“Sex Object” is my penultimate woman-as-statue story, and answers the question of “Just what happens to a character after she is petrified by the gorgon/spell/Hadron  collider/whatever?” Nothing very positive, I’m afraid to say. Yet the protagonist of my story doesn’t get too upset about it. She is, after all, a  statue.

I never thought I’d sell this story, but the editor at Underbelly Magazine picked it up, seeing it as a “Reverse Pygmalion” kind of fable. You can download the Spring 2020 issue #5 here.

Do you think it’s strange to talk a statue?

It’s just as strange for me, a statue, to talk to you, especially as I am not really talking at all. It’s been years since I last communicated with another soul, but in truth I have not missed it. I have never been a particularly talkative person.

This alarms you? There are more than a few of us in the world. You extroverts, the talkers, you do not see us. But we know we are here.

Anyway, since you don’t have much time, let’s proceed with the interview. I, of course, have all the time in the world. It is the one commodity of a statue.

How, and why, did I achieve this transformation?

I volunteered for it.

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