The Tale of Lassok and Zairbhreena

An Erotic 1001 Arabian Nights Tale

Book Cover: The Tale of Lassok and Zairbhreena

Sex, sorcery, and adventure abound in this erotic 1001 Arabian Nights Tale. Prince Lassok chooses a wife, the lovely, virginal Zairbhreena, but this does not sit well with his original lover, who turns the girl into stone. Prince Lassok races to restore his kidnapped betrothed before an accident or worse smashes her into pieces!


ADULTS ONLY for sexual and fetish (statuephication) themes.


From The Tale of Lassok and Zairbhreena:

A gout of crackling energy poured from the tip of the wand, jerking Jaseloris backwards. It struck the princess in a blinding flash of light and heat. The princess’s cries were strangled as the energy enveloped her, batting her about like a fly in a bottle. Her legs and arms flailed wildly as her clothing burned off and even her hair began to smolder. Yet her flesh was not consumed, though it took on a pale yellow hue.

She began to spin. Around and around she went, like a lump of clay on a potter’s wheel. Her nude body went straight as a pin: her arms compressed against her sides and her slim legs pressed tightly together, toes pointed down. Her head and chin lifted so she stared directly in front of her, incredulous fear in her eyes.


She spun faster and faster. Her features were a blur, her figure a spindle. Yet even with the speed of her rotation Jaseloris saw her soft white flesh take on the hard glaze of stone.

There came a second flash of light even more blinding than the first. Jaseloris let out a shrill scream of terror and shielded her eyes. And opened them to see the nude, petrified body of the princess fall with a heavy thump on the soft, bundled carpets below her.


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  1. Looks great. I love it when that happens.

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