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Worldbuilding Wednesday 9/1/21: Charnian Names xxxx(Narnia XXIX)

  What was the language of Charn like? We know it wasn’t English, because when Digory scans the description on the bell in the Hall of Images, the letters re-arrange themselves into something he can read. (Somehow, Jadis has no trouble speaking English!) So, I made up a language for Charn, a little Assyrian, a …

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Worldbuilding Wednesday 6/23/21: The Twins of Archenland
xxxx(Narnia XIX)

  Archenland is a country to the south of Narnia proper (that is, Narnia the nation-state not Narnia the world) and lies between it and Calormen, providing a buffer of sorts. Rather, its mountains provide a buffer. There’s a northern range lying between it and Narnia, and a southern range that provides a barrier to …

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