MASHED! The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror

MASHED anthology, Grivante Press, 2017

An anthology of twisted humor, erotic horror and culinary experimentation. Featuring demented authors from all over the world, coming together to delight and terrify you.

9/15/17  This anthology is now available as an audiobook from


“You needed to kick the caffeine addiction for your health,” Dr. Sumter, said. “It’s negative reinforcement. We went over all this before the immersion began.”

I know, I know, it’s just that…

“It wasn’t what you expected? Remember your mind fills in the details, just as you are giving me some form to speak to you in your dream.”

But it seems to be getting… Katelyn wasn’t sure how to put it. The scenario was erotic, definitely, but she hadn’t discussed her sexual behavior with him. Only the coffee addiction.

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